Beneath the Surface

We found the solution to fix the server environment. Images and videos don't solve the NSFW problems. So, here we are, protecting your underage members from any side of content.

Why Anti-NSFW?

  • Easy-to-use

    Not just for members, but we figure out about staff too. We want everything is simple and easily supervised.

  • Real-Time Training

    We used a machine learning technology called Tensorflow, and we trained our machine with over 12.500+ samples that we collected from Reddit, Discord, and many adult sites.

  • Always Online™

    Experiencing a downtime of only about ~1%, and the rest of them will be always online.


  • UNKNOWN Servers
  • UNKNOWN Users
  • UNKNOWN Latency
  • UNKNOWN Verified Content
  • UNKNOWN Deleted Content

This is our highest record that we ever try. We keep trying to optimize our models and accuracy for the best result.


Learn more about our machine learning technique or invite the bot to test the features.